Is Yoga Good For Stroke Patients?

Not many are aware that yoga can help stroke survivors with better mobility and to lead more active life.

Stroke has become a major cause of long-term disability with considerable amount population all over the globe, especially in USA.
When brain stops getting supply of oxygen-rich blood it needs a stroke happens. It can happen when a vessel in the brain is not get getting blood supply or blood vessel in the brain breaks.
When a stroke happens depending upon the damage it affects the brain, it can cause memory issues, speech problems, affect the movements of the leg or arms on one side of the body. This leads to difficulty of balancing the body and risk of falling, regularly.
When a stroke affects a person, rehabilitation of improving functionality to improve balance and movements of limbs to limit long-term disability will be the right approach to keep stroke affected people active.
Yoga with a combination of poses, breathing and meditation has been a savior for stroke affected people as the best rehabilitation therapy for better recovery.
Most of the yogis who are well versed with yoga are aware of these benefits. You can seek their help or they can guide you to right yoga teacher who can help in rehabilitation.
In India some of the yogis are well versed with this rehabilitation therapy. You can check the sites  and
They have teachers all over the globe and more in USA who can guide you in the right direction to get right rehabilitation therapy.
When you do yoga rehabilitation program you can see improvement in your body balance, better quality of life, independently handling your daily activities and most important factor will be, fear of falling will be reduced.
Besides, yoga therapy certain life style changes of choosing healthy diet, not smoking, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol will go a long way in faster recovery.
With each yoga movements, extra stimulation takes place in your brain which will help to rewire your brain with oxygen-rich blood to vessels.
When you or loved ones are affected by stroke, start practicing yoga which will help in better body movement, muscles getting stronger with better range of motion and you will also observe that your spine is getting straighten better which will help in better movements of your body and sorts out body balancing issues.
Yoga can be modified for any stages of recovery from strokes and paralysis to better mobility.
Yoga and meditation can help in better recovery faster, when anybody is affected by stroke.



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