Is Yoga Good for Back Pain?

Does yoga work for lower back pain?

When your lower back hurts with constant sitting and working in front of the computer and later glued to TV, your back will take a toll. At this you try out few yoga poses by simple twist and turn your back muscles gets relieved of stiffness and your mobility improves.

Yoga has been a proven science to soothe your low back pain for thousands of years. Yoga practice helps in stretching and strengthen your muscles especially your back and spine, connected to the paraspinal muscles that helps in flexing your spine, the multifidus muscles that stabilize your vertebrae and the transverse abdominis in the abdomen which helps in stabilizing your spine.


Yoga has proven to help even older people get relieved out of back injuries if they are guided properly by expert yoga instructors and lead better life.

Why right form is important for yoga pose?

When you get into yoga pose you have gradually get into the pose over a period of time. You cannot just get into a pose overnight which will only aggravate your issue. You have to learn the proper form with right breathing techniques, which will guide to right flow of your muscles based on your flexibility and strength of your muscles.

Why yoga good for back pain?

When you start working out with dumbbells with a jerk and fast movements instead of steady and slow flow of action you will end up with injury. Even when you are running on a treadmill you have to gradually increase the speed for you to go beyond your limitations. Similarly, to get into yoga, you have to gradually flow into each pose. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired results.

When you are practicing yoga, you have to first strengthen the muscles which is the basic foundation for better movement. Then only you follow the right form to stretch your body beyond your limitations. Let’s say you are doing your seated yoga pose, you have to first activate your core muscles by stretching the spine, only after that you do your twist and turn with your pose. Not by fast jerk movements. When you twist slowly with your yoga pose until you feel resistance and hold it there for few moments, then only the knotted muscles gets relieved.

Right stretching and flexing your muscles through yoga is often what your lower back needs to feel better or for the whole body. When you practice yoga with right form it will strengthen your muscles, relieves your aching muscles and help in your body movements with ease.


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