Interesting Psychological Tricks and Hacks to Handle Any Situation

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Psychological tricks everyone should know

The art of being in silence will not only help in understanding you better, you will be able to understand others better by their body language, their limitations in understanding a subject. Best way to be master in silence is to learn meditation technique which can enhance your perception.

People like to get compliments from others even from unknown sources which can come in your favor if you utilize that communication technique without over doing it.

Want to be popular in your workplace or with your new friends circle. Simply distribute box of sweets among them and pop in one for yourself. In no time you will be most popular person among them. This psychological trick is very effective.

When you want to convey a point and need best attention from others, try to communicate with them by lowering your voice. People will give more attention to what you want to convey.

Work on being happy every moment which will make you more flexible to handle any situation with ease which will open up more possibilities in life. Keep smiling which will relax your mind and keep you happy even when you are stressed out. What it needs is tuning your mind to be happy every day.

If you have social anxiety about meeting people or going for any gathering, just be conscious and pay full attention even to simple things or people whom you meet. By paying attention, you can understand what is happening around you and make you relax which in turn will relieve you from anxiety.

When somebody is angry with you or aggressive don’t tell them to calm down. Just tell them, they are right about how they feel, which will make them to calm down.

When you get worked up by any text or mail you have received, don’t immediately respond. Let it cool for an hour or so. This way it helps you to communicate better with relaxed mind and diffuse the situation without further friction.

To improve the conversation over phone, smile before answering the phone. That way you will be able to sound happier which will help in better communication with other person.

When a telling a true story a person will make lot of hand gestures.

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