How You Can Improve Quality of Life Almost Instantly?

Quality of my life improved phenomenally, when I started practicing yoga and meditation, which helped in living in the present moment.

Most of the time we get entangled in our life by thinking about our or worrying about future.

Distraction in life comes in various forms now a day by watching too much TV or social media and wondering what our family members or friends are upto in their life.

Unless, we start living in the present moment and avoid the distractions, we won’t be able to channelize our energy in right direction.


Once, I started to live consciously in the present moment, I was able to improve my capabilities in each areas of my life.

Living consciously every moment would be a challenge most of the time.

But I have observed that it has helped me in better productivity, in the process more joyfulness.

When I focus to live consciously every moment, possibilities of handling any life situations gets better whether it is my work or with my family.

Over a period of time I realized that when I slackened myself from being in the present moment, laziness creeps in and takes away my energy.

Being lazy exhausts my energy and robs my happiness.

Doing meditation puts me back in track of living consciously and making me aware of my experience.

You can read my blog post “How to turn meditation into happiness every time”.

I also have the habit of writing on my journal at the end of the day, what are the steps I have taken which has helped me to live consciously in the present moment.

Meditation helps in relaxing my mind, which in turn gives better clarity to handle any given situations.

I practice this powerful meditation tool which I learned from my Guru. You can also practice this powerful meditation tool for FREE here.

Practicing yoga or working out at gym or walking around the neighborhoods helps in removing unwanted thinking and will make the body moving forward.

Thinking about our past and worrying about our future will entangle our energy and cripple our body.

Spending time with nature brings cheerfulness into my mind immediately especially, if I practice yoga and meditation with nature, my energy level goes up.

I take my wife and daughter for trekking once a month which helps in better relationship and being joyful.

Most of the days in the evening everybody in the family, we walk barefoot by nurturing our garden which connects to mother earth and keeps us grounded in life.

More we relate to our planet, our life will get balanced and will improve the quality of our life and around us.

With conscious living our awareness will go up, in the process our energy level enhances.

When awareness and energy level goes up, we will be able to ride the life cycles better.

In the present lifestyle scenario, it is a must to detox from all gadgets and social media, every once in a while.

In my house, we don’t watch any TV shows especially news and the rule applies to my little daughter too.

Me, my wife and daughter spend time in playing some board games, go for a walk after dinner around our neighborhoods, or simply put some music and dance.

No phones before going to bed. Phones will be kept away in another room from our bed.

When we go trekking almost for a day or two, we won’t even check our phones and our focus will be how we can get best out of being with nature and living happy.

All these steps have improved the quality of our life and most important living in the present moment.

If you have any stories of how you stay in the present moment, do share with us.


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