How Yoga Poses Can Improve Your Flexibility?


Practice of yoga not only helps in strengthening of muscles and gives phenomenal flexibility to your body.That’s one of the reason why top athletes now a day practice to improve their performance.

Are you ready to improve your flexibility and be a excellent performer in all walks of life? Then you have the right answer down below:

Yoga is one of the only physical exercise that pays close attention to strengthening your core, enhancing your balance and flexibility. I was never a gym or cardio person so I have been practicing yoga for more than a couple of years now. I just love the fact that each passing day I get a sense of achievement and accomplishment, something as simple as fully extending your arms and balancing on one foot makes me so happy. It feels like that the practice is really working its magic. If you want to increase your flexibility I would suggest you to try bound angle pose if you are beginner. If you have just started performing yoga then bound angle pose is the perfect choice for you.

However if you feel like you are no longer a beginner then you can start off with cow face pose, extended triangle pose and lord of the dance pose. I am giving you a fair warning that all these poses are advanced so make sure you are fully ready to do them if you are not they may result in injury.

Yoga builds upper-body strength as well as flexibility and balance.

Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion.

With regular practice, they’ll improve your flexibility

Yoga benefits the mind, body and spirit. Yogawill help tone your body but while it’s doing that, it also helps you to be truly in the moment and infuses your spirit with positive energy.

giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion. A supple, flexible body is less prone to injuries because it can withstand physical stress. It is widely known that the words yoga and stretching go hand in hand.

Yoga expert narrates her story how she got faster results through yoga poses.

Many runners do not give the importance that stretching deserves, especially after running, but it is a reality that practicing some simple yoga exercises after running, can help you have a better range of motion, and above all, to prevent injuries .

Have you ever practiced yoga?

It is excellent for increasing the blood and oxygen flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments, in addition to allowing you to have better flexibility, as well as to reduce pains after running.

And that we still do not talk about the benefits it has for your recovery.

It is the perfect practice!

With just a few minutes of doing these exercises, you can achieve all those benefits that we have already talked about.

Remember that they are after running.

1. Triangle:

Stretches the hips and legs, also strengthens them, as well as the core.

2. Pyramid:

Stretch your hips and legs.

Strengthen your core

3. Quadriceps stretch:

Stretch your legs and hip flexors.

4. Dove:

Stretches the muscles of the hip and the iliotibial band.

5: Baby:

Stretches the hamstrings, groin and helps release tension in the back.

6. Head to the knee:

Stretch the calves.

An International famous yoga expert shares her experience about yoga-check here.

You can try following easy yoga exercises, perfect for everyone. Do them in order for an amazing complete body workout.

  • Mountain pose.
  • Chair pose.
  • Tree pose.
  • Forward fold.
  • Cobra Pose.
  • Downward facing dog.
  • Warrior II.
  • Legs up the wall.
  • Crow pose.
  • Pigeon pose.
  • Half moon pose.
  • Dolphin pose.
  • Forearm stand.
  • Supported fish pose.
  • Corpse pose.

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