How Yoga Has Transformed This Woman?

benefits of yoga

What motivates you to do yoga regularly? Aren’t the yoga postures difficult at first?

It has been 7 or 8 months since I have been doing yoga regularly.

Yoga training for better well-being

I started Yoga because of the severe neck and upper back pain due to working in IT and being glued to the computer all day and working late hours.

I was at fault. I did not take care of myself.

There is no medicine in the world better than Yoga to relive tension from the neck and upper back.

At first, I felt a lot of discomfort.

I wasn’t able to do many poses, especially the ones where it required upper back strength because as I told that area was BAD for me.

Every day after doing Yoga –

☆ My neck and shoulder area felt a lot relaxed

☆ My mood was so much better

☆ I felt strength building up even though I wasn’t doing any intense workouts just Yoga

I felt so good it made me continue and explore the powers of Yoga.

After 2,3 months of continuous practice, I was able to do Headstand because I had developed enough upper back strength.

Now, this was a big achievement because that was the weakest area of my body.

My Form was not correct and I need to work more. Do more Yoga.

1 month of Yoga again. My legs are Straight now.

Now, Yoga helped me achieve Mindfulness and calmness.

Also, this happened. Am I just hallucinating or do I see some biceps??

Please someone tell me. 🙈 I was shocked to see this so I took a picture.

Never before I had seen anything there.

Yoga does require time and patience but the results are ever lasting.

I feel a lot more relaxed and calm now. Also, now I have a lot more patience. All thanks to Yoga.


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