How to Lose Weight with Yoga Expert Erica Petra

Yoga expert Erica comes out with a winner for your weight loss journey with yoga!


It’s nice to know that people are getting aware now a day, yoga can help in their weight loss journey.

Ms. Erica Petra has demonstrated it very well in her video what kind of preparatory steps are needed to get into flow of poses and how it will give you the desired results if you follow the steps she is suggesting.

Most of us are so caught up in the everyday hustle-bustle of not missing the last bus/metro, meeting the monthly targets and punching in numbers into the keyboard, that our health conveniently takes a back-seat. One of the most pressing perils of the sedentary lifestyles a lot of us have become slaves to, is the unhealthy weight gain a lot of us go through. While we sit and munch on unhealthy, oily snacks and by not breaking a sweat by taking part in outdoor activities or going for a jog even, the body suffers and now. One of the most common excuses that many of us come up with is the lack of time. Which is why, practicing Yoga is a feasible option.

Apart from faulty dietary habits, one should identify that weight gain also stems from inefficient functioning of various bodily functions. Yoga has some of the most basic breathing practice at its base which aims at cleansing, balancing and rejuvenating our inner organs and their functions. Various breathing exercises and basic asanas help in increasing metabolic and heart rates. Once you are healed from within, the focus then shifts towards the outer body.

In my earlier post I have given in details why yoga gives better results for weight loss journey plus getting flat abs and strengthening the core muscles.

My gratitude to Ms.Erica Petra.Check her YouTube Channel  PsycheTruth for more information.


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