How Do You Form Healthy Habits In Your 20s for Successful Life?

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Why it’s important to form healthy habits in your early age?

  1. Waking up at 4 a.m. – I wish I had done this much earlier. Get up before anyone else even considers getting up, and get a couple hours of work in to get a head start on everyone!
  2. Eating healthy – I know you could eat all the pizza, ice cream, and chocolate in the world… but is it really worth it? Why not choose a salad every now and again and take care of your body?
  3. Consuming less – Not as much alcohol, not as many drugs, not as much Facebook, YouTube or video games. Consume less and do something with your life!
  4. Produce more – Study harder, create more, work harder, grind, explore, experience and LIVE! Create a life worth meaning instead of waiting to die.
  5. Read daily – You should keep improving your life every day. Keep reading things on how to learn, how to improve and grow as a person. You will thank yourself for this!
  6. Being bold – Try out new things, take a few risks, embarrass yourself, make mistakes, fail, stand up again, try again, learn more! In your 20s life has barely begun, take the opportunity to make something happen! (I recommend the movie “Yes Man” for this!)
  7. Make more decisions – Decide on your own what it is you want to do. Stop listening to your parents, your teachers, or anyone else and make decisions for your own life! Take responsibility for your life and chose your own path. Think about this every day, write down your goals, divide them, and start.


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