How Can You Live The Healthiest life?

Small changes on daily basis will help you to be healthier and energetic.

Breakfast fuels your body with more energy and great ways to kick start your day. Having fiber and protein rich breakfast can balance the energy needed for the day.


Preparing meals at home will help you eat healthier and consume fewer calories.

When you eat at restaurants or takeaway, you tend to eat more and that too mostly junk food.

Make it a point to have more meals at home and once in a while binge at your favorite restaurant.

Keep stock of nuts and you can consume during snack time instead of heading to have fried or highly rich sweet foods.

Having nuts also helps in giving you necessary fiber, protein and healthy fats needed for your body, at the same time keeps you fuller.

Eat less of white carbs like pasta, potatoes and consume more of brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Always keep water level in your body balanced as your body consist of 72% water level. Drink 2 liters of water every day.

You can add healthy flavor by adding fruits or herbs or mint while sipping water all day long.

Throw away all the measuring instruments.

Feel how your health is progressing and your waist has slim down by fitting into your favorite clothes.

Irrespective of whether you were able to do your exercise or workout make it a point to keep moving where ever there are possibilities.

Try to have deep sleep of 6 to 7 hours in the night which will rejuvenate your body and feel energized the next day.

Everybody makes mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and move on life without repeating the mistakes.

Make it a point to have friends whether they are elders with wisdom to guide you or younger ones who can encourage you to lead a better life.

Having right circle of friends can open the door to better perspectives in life and guide you to lead more sensible life.

Yoga can play crucial role in your life by balancing your body, mind and emotions to experience life beyond your limitations.

Besides, practicing yoga, meditation opens up to better possibilities in your life and enhances your mental health which plays crucial to your wellness.

Treat yourself to a massage in a spa or just chill out in your water tub by adding some fragrance oil to soothe your tired muscles.

Make it a point to keep all your modern gadgets away once in a while to detoxify from all your social media indulges.

Take short gateways during weekends to spend time with nature by actively involving in treks, cycling or simply taking a long walk.

It will rejuvenate your body and mind to handle your life with better possibilities.

Smoking takes considerable toll on your health. It’s preferable to quit smoking or reduce the quantity to totally quit over a period of time.

Sun Power is good for your health and skin. At the same time over exposure will also lead to skin cancer.

Maintaining healthy oral care can keep bacteria and germs away from your body and also reduce your medical bill in the long run.


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