Has Anyone Lost Their Body Weight Doing Yoga?

An inspiring story of a person losing her weight and becoming healthy through yoga.

I am going to try my best to make this answer meaningful, by the end of it hopefully you will take something with you.

It’s end of March, Summer is about to start in the year 2016.

This is me. Just a regular college girl who loves to eat and dress up.

Sorry about the picture quality but this is what I have and u can make out how I look physically .

I have never really liked the way my legs are. I have varicose veins and it just makes my ankles look chubby because it’s always swollen.

2016 Mindset : I need to loose weight as soon as possible and just be thin so that i can dress up and look like other THIN GIRLS do in college.

I save enough money to pay for a gym membership and start hitting the gym.

My mental state was quite poor back then because wrong foods have a direct impact on the way u think or feel.

This is me in the gym.

Look at my legs. Do u understand what I say ? I don’t like what I see it’s embarrassing to me .

Faster way to lose weight through simple yoga poses. Check here.

Year 2017 :

I am bored of gymming and nothing is happening. I want to do something else.

Let’s try yoga. I visit yoga studios and specially ask for WEIGHT LOSS YOGA. As soon as I start yoga I ask all the members have they lost any weight and if yes how much and how long did it take.

This shows my poor state of mind again I can’t think of anything else other then losing weight .

Look at my legs again. I see this in the newspaper and I don’t know what to feel. I don’t like what I see. It’s been such a long time that I have been gymming and doing yoga. There’s gotta to be something that I am doing wrong.

Year 2018 : I am in my last year of college. I start reading books on nutrition and health. I start watching videos on YouTube. I have finally found something that makes me want to get up and study in the morning. Slowly I shift my mindset FROM LOSING WEIGHT TO GAINING HEALTH. I have just started to figure out what may or may not work for me.I now understand the importance of good food and dead food and how it impacts not just my body but also the trillions of cells inside me who are working day and night for me without any optimum nutrition.

This is the time that I have been doing COMBINATION of STRENGTH TRAINING AND YOGA.

I wake up and I feel different. I make better food choices. I sleep better. My skin is better. My legs ? Not quite there yet but I will be.

Year 2019 :

If you look closely my legs aren’t PERFECT !

But guess what ? I don’t care anymore.

I am in the best of my health. I can think clearer and better also function with optimum levels of energy through out the day.

I am aware of my breath and I appreciate it. My legs give me the height that I have and I am so grateful.

This is what I have learnt :


It’s a way of life. It’s just who you are. This is what you will become if you do it the right way and mindfully. If not you are doing it wrong.

WEIGHT LOSS IS A JUST A BONUS OF A GREAT AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. This includes physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of yours. The balance between these 4.

And toning well yes, it takes some time but you will get there.

At the end of the day u have not just gained health but other things too that I can’t write here and need another question to answer that. Lol anyway, this is how I look right now as we speak.

Miles to go before I sleep but I have never been…

Healthier or more peaceful with myself. I love my body and love my legs not because of the way they look but because what it does for me day in and day out.

I hope and pray that u find this for yourself too 🙂

Namaste !

My gratitude to Ms. Ankita Srivastava for sharing her story.

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