Evergreen Laws of Fashion!

Fashion Tips

Well there are no strict rules in fashion,you have your freedom to experiment and explore..The below are just few rules that I follow….#NoOffense….

1)No visible panty lines.

  • Quick tip: don’t wear white undergarments,on your white clothes…It wud be clearly visible.. Instead wear a color that is close to your skin colour..

2)don’t wear socks on sandals

3)do not over-expose your skin. i.e., when you are wearing a cold-shoulder above then the bottom length should be increased.And if your bottom is shorter,then cover up your above …(wait idk if tat made sense,but I guess the below picture could)

4) Don’t wear pants that are too tight,crease near the legs and cause discomfort while sitting or standing

5)Don’t mix and match two different prints/stripes

6)Do not wear square toed shoes

7) Don’t wear running/athletic shoes on jeans

8)Go tight above and loose below and vice versa

9)Use only the required amount cologne/body mist..Too much = idk I just don’t like it…keep your perfumes light and focus them on your warm areas only.

10)Don’t wear jeans with jeans…Mainly with loose jeans 🚫❌,and wearing light coloured shoes with light coloured jeans❌🚫❌🚫❌❌

Bonus: Do not wear ur essentials on your belt…This I kinda feel ❌

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