Can Meditation Really Help

why meditation is good

I love going on vacations.

Every now and then my husband and I plan for a trip .

Though there has been a break for a while.

In the initial 3 years of marriage, we covered good part of U.S, Mexico and Canada.

However, if you ask me if I have any fond memory of the places I have been, honestly I don’t remember.

I can tell you that I loved visiting California, Yosemite Park and I loved the iconic California coastal road drive too!

I can show you pictures as memories!

But I can just say that.

I don’t have anything to hold up, to cherish or to savor.

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I have been to so many places.

But it has just happened.

They are just off my bucket list!

Two years ago I started meditating.

I did not expect any major change except that I would feel calm.

I remember going to a park nearby in the morning to do breathing exercises.

With time, I started noticing many beautiful things about this park.

It’s kinda funny because I had always visited it and spent time there but I never noticed it’s beauty.

When I take a moment to think, it’s like I have started liking a place near to my home just because I have started noticing it.

Every other day, there is something new I explore, a part of life unfolding in front of me.

New leaves on tree, different shades of same flower, calming environment in between the chaos kids bring, happy faces, and a silent observer- the park itself.

It’s like I have let go of myself and have become a part of what I am observing.

I love the park near to my home, and it’s more beautiful than all the places I have ever visited.

But, if you ask me whether I should visit all the places I have visited again, I would say ‘Yes’.

Because now I think, I have never been to those places.

I went there to put a tick mark on my bucket list and get some pictures as a proof. That’s it!

They say that Grand Canyon can change our ideas our natural beauty, I want to feel it again.

They say that swimming with dolphins in Mexico can be fun, I want to dive with them again.

I want to sit for sometime in Yosemite Park and inhale the freshness those winds carry!

You see I have missed so much!

And the only way I have realized it is by meditating.

Writing article on the benefits of meditation is difficult.

You can’t know it that way. It must comes from actual experience.

To ask if it helps with improving issues like fear or phobia, it surely does.

And it’s just because it creates awareness.

‘Awareness’ to not be a participant in the chaos mind creates.

And I believe that’s what is needed.

Meditation will help you drift into spirit.

It will help you participate in the dance of life rather than standing back and judging thing.


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