Amazing Vegan Big Mac Pizza From Scratch!

Amazing recipe

An recipe you will crave to have it regularly.

Vegan pizza recipe

Made this as a treat for my husband. I know lettuce on a pizza sounds nuts but just trust me on this one. Inspired by a pizza at one of our spots in Toronto, apiecalypse now!

Homemade pizza crust with sesame seeds, half a bag of gardein crumbles sautéed with half of an onion finely minced + splash of veg stock + s&p and a touch of garlic powder, vegan cheddar, shredded dill pickle, iceberg lettuce and homemade Big Mac sauce. Cooked in a cast iron skillet.


When assembling, add a bit of the Big Mac sauce to the meat mixture to give it some moisture.

Layer that down first on the pre-baked crust, then the shredded pickle, then the cheese. Don’t add the lettuce or sauce until it’s out of the oven, out of the skillet, and has begun to cool.

My crust recipe (doubled so I could get a thick crust):

1 1/8tsp yeast

1/2t sugar

1/2c warm water

1/2t salt

1 c flour

1/2T olive oil for coating

(Yeast + sugar + warm water, let froth, combine salt and flour in separate bowl, add foamy yeast mixture to dry ingredients and knead until uniform. Place in an oiled bowl and let double. 400F 8 minutes, add toppings, 6-10 minutes more. Broil if needed for no more than three min on high).

Big Mac sauce:


Vegan homemade sauce recipe

1/4c veg mayo

1/2T ketchup

1/2T mustard

1/4T sugar

1T chopped pickle

Dash of pickle liquid

1/2t vinegar

1/8t salt

Scant paprika and garlic powder

edit: It’s also worth mentioning that you should make the sauce ahead. Can’t tell ya why, but it tastes way better after it’s been in the fridge.


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