A Personal Experience That Changed My Life for Better

Experience that changed the life for better

What are some life changing experiences which lead to better life?

I was born in a village in UP, in the family of a farmer.

Today I am 30 years old.

I am not highly educated, but I am happy with that.

When I was studying in 12th grade, due to the financial condition of my parents I thought of doing a job.

But since I was from a small city (Gonda, District of UP), there were no jobs available.

I discussed with my parents and convinced them to allow me to quit regular study after the 12th grade exam and I planned to go to Delhi for a job because many people from my village work there as workers.

So I also did that and continued to study Bachelors of Arts through online study.

Along with one of the uncles of my village, I came to Delhi on June 2006, at the age of 17.

He is an auto driver in Delhi, he tried a week through his known person, but he did not get the job for me.

After that he told me to return to village, since there is no job here for me.

That time I was helpless and was almost empty with no money (with only INR 1,200) on the road after sometime.

I then thought of trying to get a job myself as my money was depleting day-by-day.

After 25 days without any work, I was just walking in a public park at Noida sector 16A, film city.

One man came there and told us that he needed some crowd for film making, and was giving INR 100 and Lunch (food) if we stand there in the crowd.

I smiled and went with him.

After 6 hrs I came out from studio and walked slowly on footpath and was thinking of returning to my home town.

One guy from Nepal approached me.

Guy: What do you do?

I replied: I am jobless and have to pay my landlord.

Can you please help me with a job?

He asked me about my studies, I told that I passed 12th grade this year and was looking for a job.

He told me that he was a chef at one of the restaurant at Sec 22 (Noida) but there is no job available.

But one of his friend was working in a guest house at Sec 30 (Noida).

I went to his friend’s guest house and met with manager of guest house by reference of his friend Rajender.

He was also a chef there in that guest house that time.

The Manager asked me about salary.

With teary eyes I replied, I was looking for a job.

You can decide my salary based on my work.

Then, I started job as house keeping staff in guest house in July 2006.

After two days of my work, the manager told me my salary 2500 + food + stay at guest house.

I was happy and thought of sending my salary to my parents which I did it after a month.

Receptionist resigned after some days and I was promoted as a Receptionist- now salary was INR 4,000.

Life changing moments happens when you take action.

After completing 3 yrs as receptionist. Manager left the job. 

Owner of hotel told me “you can handle the hotel as Manager” from now onward.I said YES.

Challenges were coming day by day.

Because at the age of 20–21, I was manager with salary of 15K with room and food.

We had tie-up with many companies for hotel accommodation.

And hotel room occupancy kept growing every month.

In 2012, Owner decided to close the hotel or give it on rent to any one because he wanted to shift to USA with his family.

That was the best opportunity for me.

I told him “Sir don’t try to give hotel to a new person, give hotel to me and I will give you rent on time”.

He agreed and handed over the hotel to me to run it.

That time rent of hotel was monthly 1 lakh + staff salary+ Electricity.

That time hotel room occupancy business was around 3 lakh per month.

We started working 24 hrs and appointed one manager.

After two months, the hotel business went up by 5 lakh per month.

I ran this hotel from 2012 to 2015.

In the mean time I bought 2 flats for self(Delhi & Noida).

At the end of 2015 the owner sold the hotel.

After that I have taken new budget hotel on lease in Sector 51 Noida, and running happily till now.

Now-a-days I have 12 staff for hotel work, and I am happy with my business.

Always thankful to uncle who took me from village to Delhi and to landlord of first hotel, who believed in me.

And also thank full to the two guys from Nepal, who helped me get my first job in Hotel.

During this pandemic time, we faced our first loss in business, but its business, ups and downs are part of life.


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