20 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before It is Too Late

life lessons to know

Here are some truths about life that I learned too late:

  1. Everyone is chasing the money, but we are made to believe money doesn’t matter.

2. If you want to shine like a diamond, you’ve got to get cut like a diamond.

3. Your appearance makes a difference.

4. The word “forever” is overrated – no one is happy or unhappy forever.

5. Being kind to everyone won’t get you anything great in life.

6. Hard times are mostly a blessing in disguise.

7. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, we have learned to live our lives.

8. Being busy doesn’t mean that you are doing anything great.

9. You cannot please everyone.

10. There will always be someone better than you.

11. Your obsession with finding happiness is what prevents its attainment.

12. Your talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice.

13. Enjoy the journey because the journey is all there is.

14. So much can happen in a day.

15. Happiness is a choice.

16. Most worrying is a waste of energy.

17. Most people are capable of far greater things than they realize.

18. There’s no one else like you.

19. There’s nothing wrong with simple.

20. Today’s a celebration. Live everyday like it’s the last. Everyday you live is a blessing.

Thank you. 


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